BlockCity Modelling WIP 2014

This is my approach of a fantasy townscape. Most building blocks (like cubes, pyramids, cupolas, etc.) are simple models or primitves I had at hand. Other parts (like the tomb pyramide, gate, or rotunda) can be found in my freestuff section. The base is a terrain made with Blender, extruded and adjusted. The window holes are faked with cubes or just plain textures. I plan to add more buildings, temples, towers and pillars. Some things need to be resized or moved to better positions. There is still much work to do ... The town is not intended for close-ups, but for background scenes. So I left out too much details.
All renders are pure Poser without postwork. The complete model (if ever finished) will come in both Poser pp2 file format and as an obj file that can be imported into other 3d programs.


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