Comparison pics of various textures for Victoria4

I used the same girl (Victoria V4 by DAZ3D) for each test, with just a couple of morphs applied. I rendered each pic with different skin textures, I only changed the textures, but not the corresponding character morphs. It's unbelievable, how different this character turned out. What do you think ?? All pics rendered in Poser without postwork, just for comparison. The hair used is Magnolia Hair for V4 by SWAM & Zachrael2002 (Renderosity Marketplace).

Amelia by Adam Thwaites Adriana by Adam Thwaites
Christie by Illusions-Designs (FS) Elvera by Magician (Renderosity Marketplace)
Anjolie by Magician (Renderosity Marketplace) Jasmine by CJ-Studio
Carla by AB Grafix (FS) Evolution: No.5 by Adam Thwaites
Niki by KaiZ-Kyrline (FS) Amazonia by Illusions-Designs
Kendra by Liquid Rust (DAZ3D) Re'Hana by Reciecup (FS)

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